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James Di Giacomo

James and his favorite bunny!

As a child, JDG recalls watching lots of comedic performers like Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, The 3 Stooges, Chevy Chase, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin and Robin Williams -- as a teenager he really connected with Jim Carrey though. He recalls Carrey being a huge influence on his decision to become an actor.  James is frequently told he is a cross between Jim Carrey and Johnny Knoxville.

JDG moved to Hollywood July 7th 2001 without knowing a single person. He has since appeared in numerous TV commercials, TV shows and films. JDG suffered a personal setback in 2011 when his car was struck by a drunk driver and sustained injuries, which prolonged his physical therapy. JDG was reminded how fragile and short life can be, so in 2012, JDG decided to form a production company Undecided Pictures, LLC. JDG also teamed up with writer David Mattia on a couple ideas he had. One was a TV series called Have You Met Miss Jones? in which JDG and Mattia both created, wrote and executive produced. JDG also produced and played the series lead (Angelina Jones). JDG along with his management team plan to shop the pilot to several major cable networks.


Award Winning actor-writer-producer-director James Di Giacomo  AKA James Capizzi was born Giacomo Capizzi (confused yet?) in the Bronx, NY and raised in New Jersey. James Di Giacomo (JDG) was often teased as a child for not only having a different name than everyone else, but also because English was his second language. As a boy, JDG was often too shy to speak to strangers and mainly observed people -- how they ate, walked, spoke and interacted with others. As a teenager, JDG noticed he had a knack for making people laugh -- not only by impersonating others, but also with his obscure facial expressions, wacky voices and sound effects he would make. This is how JDG began to blossom and gain confidence in his teen years. JDG very much enjoyed making people laugh then, and even more so now as an adult. JDG says, "Laughter never gets old -- as a matter of fact it's almost always contagious."

​​​​​Some behind the scenes photos from the set of Have You Met Miss Jones

​Despite being told there was no way James could shoot his 30 min. pilot in 3 days, James made it happen with the help of his amazing cast & crew. JDG said, "It was such a delight to work with the legendary Patty McCormack, Dot-Marie Jones, James Kyson and the brilliant Art LaFleur!"

James has two bunnies he calls his fur babies and recently became a vegan on January 1st 2018. Aside from all the gross things they put in meat, it was all the abuse and trauma animals go through that helped James commit to never eat meat again! Someone once told me, "How can you say you love animals if you eat them, you just love pets". That stuck with me and I always felt guilty after eating pork, beef and chicken because they are such beautiful, smart and loving creatures. 

To the left is my one bunny Moon Knight who was gonna go to a shelter and I decided to keep him after meeting him in person. He is so spunky and full of character and of course, spoiled rotten! Click on the photo to see more of Moon Knight on Instagram and follow him.